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Arta: Vile Crusade

Marek Stand Off

Arta: Vile Crusade 2

Marek Owned

Arta: Vile Crusade 2

Marek Reeled Up

Arta: Vile Crusade

Marek Over Pit

Arta: Vile Crusade

Marek Meets Varg

Arta: Vile Crusade

Sil Webs Marek

Arta: Vile Crusade

Marek Suspended

Arta: Vile Crusade

Worms Squirm Up Marek

Arta Issue 1

Imp Sheaths Aleko

Arta Issue 1

Imp Vomits On Aleko

Arta Issue 1

Aleko Stumbles From Imp

Cymra Versus Witches

Cymra attacked by red blob.

Cymra Versus Witches

Vowers lure Cymra into their trap.

Arta Versus Mudshark 6

An Arta is mobilized to collect DNA from a new Vower
type classified as a mudshark.

Slave Leia Cang Vore

Loose hommage to barge Leia being eaten by Jabba.

Arta Versus Mudshark Comic Preview

First five pages of the twelve page comic - Arta Vs Mudshark.

Arta Versus Mudshark 2

An Arta is mobilized to collect DNA from a new Vower
type classified as a mudshark.

Arta Title Pose

Arta rebooted...

Leia Cang Vs Creeper 6

The mutant cocoons Leia Cang in its slimy web.

Leia Cang Saboteur

Leia Cang sexy pose as she readies for mayhem.

Leia Cang Big Blob

Ambushed, Leia Cang is swallowed by a slime vomiting blob.

Jadexs Vs Lobion 6

Fucked to submission, Jadexs surrenders to
Lobion's swallowing embrace.

Jadexs in QMAF

Jadexs sleeps submerged in QMAF
(Quantum Mechanical Amniotic Fluid.)

Dwier Swallows Jadexs

Dwier sucks Jadexs into its body for some
erotic consumption.

Jadexs in Dwier

Jadexs digests in Dwier's molesting belly.

Jadexs Vs Wastelander

Seized by a wastelander mutant, Jadexs is
lathered in its paralyzing slime.

Amoeba Arta

An Arta fights being swallowed by an amoeba.

New Chief's Steel Welcome

Decapitating the old chief, a cut and bloody
Arta faces the rest of the tribe.

Fungi Vore Arta

An arta is fed to the great Vower fungus.

Half Bled, Half Dead Arta

An arta is shit from a Vower: half drained,
half bled, half digested.

Eat Responsibly

Eat Responsibly: a vore safety announcement.

Ven Slimed

Ven slimed pose.

Arta Ground Belly

An arta is sucked down by a ground belly.
The sci-fi amazon is swallowed whole
by a leathery subterranean horror.

Arta Pose

Arta Trapped In Webs

An arta is caught in webs being bled by
oily leeches. The warrior woman dangles
in an insect trap and is now food
for tiny blood suckers.

Arta Action Figure Pose

An arta steadies to take a difficult shot.
The naked warrior, lathered in a Vower's
muddy vomit, firms up to kill a fleeing foe.

Arta Naked Shoot Out

Shoot out. A nude arta gets caught in a
fire fight, trying to escape into
a maze of machines.

Arta Traverse The Mire

An arta swims through the Nilus rich sewage of
Incuso. Utilizing her holographic QDD,
an arta navigates her way through the mirky mire
of Incuso's subterranean factories.

Worm Vore Arta

An arta is swallowed by fisher worm. The space
amazon is food for a snake Vower.

Arta Belly Vore

An arta is sucked down by a ground belly.
The soldier girl is swallowed whole
by a leathery subterranean horror.